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Wrongful termination, or wrongful discharge, is the involuntary termination of an employee for unjust or discriminatory reasons. It is frequently a complex legal issue, requiring the assistance of an experienced attorney to sort the fact from the fiction. At Carey, Scott, Douglas & Kessler, PLLC , in Charleston, West Virginia, our lawyers represent clients on either side of the issue. Utilizing more than 200 years of shared legal knowledge, we powerfully protect your interests.

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Claims of wrongful termination are extremely serious. Personal and business reputations are at stake. Our firm is dedicated to helping employees understand their employment rights and employers recognize their legal obligations. A majority of the wrongful termination cases we handle involve the following issues:

Discrimination : Employers cannot discriminate against an employee based on gender, race, age, religion, disability, national origin, or membership in a protected class.

Harassment retaliation : It is unlawful to terminate an employee who has filed a formal complaint of harassment.

Whistleblower retaliation : It is against West Virginia law for an employer to discharge an employee after he or she has reported employer misconduct.

As a small firm with the resources of large firm, we are able to effectively represent clients in a broad range of wrongful termination matters. We make it our primary objective to understand the specifics of your situation and your legal goals. We then begin preparing a comprehensive case and vigorously pursuing a just resolution.

Maintain your rights and your future interests.

We can assist you with either the defense or pursuit of employment law claims. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your specific wrongful termination claim. Located in the Chase Tower in downtown Charleston, our offices are open Monday through Friday from nine to five.