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If you have been charged with fraud or another white collar criminal offense, you want an experienced trial lawyer protecting your rights in court. At the Charleston law offices of Carey, Scott, Douglas & Kessler, PLLC , each of our attorneys has handled over one hundred trials. We protect professionals throughout West Virginia and nationwide who face criminal and civil allegations of fraud and white collar crime.

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From doctors and public officials, to private businesses and accountants, we protect the rights of professionals. In addition to protecting the rights of professionals facing criminal charges, we also handle professional license revocation defense. Whether you have been accused of fraud, negligence, or other criminal violations, we can protect your rights in both the courts and in front of regulatory agencies.

With over two hundred years of shared legal experience, our attorneys have handled litigation for the following professionals:

  • Doctors & Medical Professionals : If you have been accused of Medicare fraud or Medicaid fraud, we can help. We also protect the rights of medical professionals accused of false medical billing and mail fraud.
  • Public Officials : We protect the rights of public officials accuse of mail fraud or violations of the Hobbs Act, which is a federal extortion act.
  • Private Businesses : We protect the rights of private businesses who have been charged with mail fraud. Whether your mail fraud charges involved false and fraudulent billing or other violations, we can help. We also protect the rights of companies accused of criminal violations or MSHA violations.
  • Accountants : We protect the rights of accountants who have been accused of filing false tax returns and other fraud charges.

Our attorneys have the experience to handle a wide variety of complex white collar crime and fraud charges in both state and federal courts. If you do not see your case listed above, contact us directly for more information about how we can be of service.

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A fraud conviction can ruin your business and result in prison time. At the law offices of Carey, Scott, Douglas & Kessler, PLLC, we know how to protect your rights in court. Located in the Chase Tower in downtown Charleston, our offices are open from nine to five, Monday to Friday. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.